Do you maintain multiple versions of your documents and spreadsheets like this?

The traditional way of mainting multiple versions for your documents

Do you then spend quite a while figuring out which version contains what?

RevisionLog can you save you the time and effort you spend in managing multiple versions(also called revisions) of your documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

One click and your revision is saved

The RevisionLog toolbar lets you save your revision with a single click

No more copying files and appending numbers and dates to them. Declutter your folders.
Simply click the "Save Revision" button on the Office Ribbon, enter an optional comment and you are done.

Organize your revisions with comments

Organize your revisions with comments

Add comments while saving revisions and you can easily build a history of your document, spreadsheet or presentation.
Comments also make it very easy to locate the version you are looking for.

Added benefit with automatically saved revisions

Every time you save your document, spreadsheet or presentation, RevisionLog automatically stores those changes as a revision. This frees you up to modify your files to your heart's content, knowing that you can go back to an earlier version any time.


RevisionLog for Word, Excel and PowerPoint is available as a separate download for each. Click on the appropriate link below.

Works with Office 2007, Office 2010(32 bit), Windows 7, Vista.
Requires: .NET 3.5, Visual Studio Tools for Office (Both are installed automatically if they are not already present on your machine)

Take a look at the Help file to know more on how to use RevisionLog.


Please send a mail to for any queries or feedback.